As a part of our commitment to safeguard our user data and ensure the security of your Extranet account, we have implemented a mandatory PIN requirement for all Extranet users accessing VCC (virtual credit card) details and guest contact information. This PIN system replaces the previous OTP (one-time password) procedure.

Follow these steps to set Extranet PIN code:

  1. Click the User Settings menu
  2. Click the Edit icon next to the account for which you want to set up the PIN
  3. Click the Create PIN button below the User Profile section
  4. Enter a 6-digit PIN of your choice
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom right to save the changes

Aside from creating a new PIN code, you can also use the same menu to change your PIN code.

You will be required to enter your previously set PIN when accessing sensitive information, such as guest contact details and VCC information. The PIN remains valid for 10 minutes, and you will be prompted to re-enter it once the time limit expires.