You can enhance the guest experience at your property by adding add-ons at an additional cost through the Add-ons menu.

Here are the steps to add add-ons:

1. Go to the Add-ons > Add-ons List menu

2. Click the Add New Add Ons button at the top right corner

3. Fill in the add-on’s name and description in the available field

4. Select the suitable category and subcategory for the add-on you want to add. You can choose from four categories: meals, room complements, transports, and activities.

5. Choose the type, specify the quantity, and set the price for the new add-on.

6. Switch on the add-on’s status to active so it will appear when guests book your property.

7. You can also upload photos of the add-on you want to offer, then click the Save button to save the changes.

Now you have added an add-on available at your property at an additional cost. Guests who wish to enjoy the add-on can pay the add-on fee when booking your property.