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Rates & Availability


Learn how to maximize your property revenue through the add-ons and adjust the add-ons commission. Add a new add-ons now!

  • How do I add add-ons to my property?

    Updated on 9th October 2023

    You can enhance the guest experience at your property by adding add-ons at an additional cost through the Add-ons menu.

    Here are the steps to add add-ons:

    1. Go to the Add-ons > Add-ons List menu

    2. Click the Add New Add Ons button at the top right corner

    3. Fill in the add-on’s name and description in the available field

    4. Select the suitable category and subcategory for the add-on you want to add. You can choose from four categories: meals, room complements, transports, and activities.

    5. Choose the type, specify the quantity, and set the price for the new add-on.

    6. Switch on the add-on’s status to active so it will appear when guests book your property.

    7. You can also upload photos of the add-on you want to offer, then click the Save button to save the changes.

    Now you have added an add-on available at your property at an additional cost. Guests who wish to enjoy the add-on can pay the add-on fee when booking your property.

  • How do I set commission for add-ons?

    Updated on 9th October 2023

    By default, the commission rate for add-ons will be the same as the property commission rate you have agreed with your Market Manager.

    However, you can also request changes for the add-ons commission through the Commission submenu under the Finance menu.

    Please note that any changes to the commission rate require approval from your Market Manager. Therefore, we recommend you discuss any changes with them first.

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