This tutorial was created based on the rates and availability settings process through the website’s desktop version.

After understanding how to manage rates and availability in general, you can also control the availability for each rate plan through the Extranet. By setting different allotments to each rate plan, you can maximize your property revenue. This feature is available for properties that are using DerbySoft and Shiji as a switcher, all properties in the Hotel category, and Villas & Apt. properties with multiple units. 

Follow the steps below to update your property availability on the rate plan level:

  1. Click on the Rates & Availability menu and select Manage Rates & Availability
  2. Select the room name you want to update
  3. Choose the date you wish to update 
  4. Update the number of available rooms in the allotment column for each rate plan on the pop-up menu located on the right side of the screen
  5. Click on the Save button to save changes 

You can check the status, the number of booked allotments, and remaining allotments for each rate plan connected to the room through the color label on the same menu: 

  1. Green: booked allotments
  2. Red: close-out status 
  3. Blue: remaining allotments available for booking 
  4. Grey: sold-out allotment

A bell icon will notify you when one or more rate plans are sold out. You can also access more detailed allotment information by hovering over the label. Allotment per rate plan will be updated once a guest makes a booking using the specific rate plan. Meanwhile, allotment per room will still be applied for properties joining the softblock program.

If you wish to enable allotment per rate plan level settings, you can contact your Market Manager to change your property inventory level type. Please note inventory level type changes will reset the property allotment to 0, so readjustments are necessary. The allotment per rate plan level feature is only available on the desktop version of the website and is not available on the Lignum app.