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Rates & Availability

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Learn key terms related to property availability and manage your property availability with Bulk Update and channel managers. Learn more today!

  • How do I manage my property’s rates and availability?  Most helpful

    Updated on 16th November 2023

    This tutorial was created based on the rates and availability settings process through the website’s desktop version.

    To effectively manage your property’s rates and availability, you can use the Manage Rates & Availability menu available on’s Extranet. Follow the steps below to keep your property’s rates and availability up to date:

    1. Click on the Rates & Availability menu and select Manage Rates & Availability
    2. Choose the room name that you wish to update (if there are more than 1 room type)
    3. Choose the date you wish to update 
    4. Adjust the number of available rooms in the allotment column and update the rates for each rate plan using the pop-up menu located on the right side of the screen
    5. Click on the Save button to save changes 

    You can set different prices for every rate plan. Meanwhile, the room allotment will apply to all rate plans connected to the specific room type. For example, your property has one room type with 10 daily allotments, these allotments will be utilized when guests make bookings through any of the connected rate plans.

    In addition to managing rates and availability, you can use the Manage Rooms & Availability menu to set the close-out, close-to-arrival, and close-to-departure dates. You can also set specific cancellation and no-show policies for certain dates.

    We strongly suggest you set your property’s rates and availability at least 6 months in advance, so that the guests can find your property on the search result page when they are searching for accommodation. Use the Bulk Update feature if you want to set rates and availability for multiple dates at once.

    Additionally, we also want to remind you to set the same price with the price you offer on other OTAs. This helps prevent any price disparity issues and ensures competitive rates for users. 

    If you are using DerbySoft or Shiji as a switcher, you also have the option to set an allotment for each rate plan on every room type. You can contact your Market Manager to activate this feature. 

  • How do I use the Bulk Update feature?

    Updated on 9th October 2023

    You can use the Bulk Update submenu under the Rates & Availability menu to change rates, allotments, and close-outs for multiple dates in bulk.

    Here are the steps to do a bulk update:

    1. Specify the start and end dates of the period you want to edit. You can also select specific days by checking the checkboxes for the desired days. For example, if you choose Saturday and Sunday, the changes will only apply to Saturdays and Sundays within the specified date range.
    2. Select the section you want to update by clicking the rate, allotments, or close-out tab.
    3. Choose the room type(s) you want to update from the drop-down menu, then click Apply.
    4. To change prices: Select the rate plan and enter the new price in the price column.
      To change allotment: Enter the new quantity in the allotment column.
      To change close-out: Select the new availability status.
    5. Click the Save Changes button to save the updates.

  • What is close-out, close-to-departure, and close-to-arrival?

    Updated on 9th October 2023

    Close-out, close-to-departure, and close-to-arrival are booking restrictions commonly found in the hospitality industry.

    Here are the meanings of these terms:

    1. Close-out
      When you enable close-out, the rooms in your property are unavailable for booking on those specific dates.
    2. Close-to-arrival
      When you enable close-to-arrival, the guests cannot make a reservation for your property with the specified date as the check-in date.
    3. Close-to-departure
      When you enable the close-to-departure, the guests cannot make a reservation for your property with the specified date as the check-out date.

    The close-out settings apply to the room level. If you enable close-out for a particular room type on specific dates, all rate plans connected to that room will not be available for booking.

    Close-to-arrival and close-to-departure offer more flexible restrictions. You can enable close-to-arrival and close-to-departure based on room types and rate plans.

    You can manage close-out through the Manage Rates & Availability submenu and use the Bulk Update submenu to enable close-out for multiple dates in bulk. Meanwhile, you can only set close-to-arrival and close-to-departure through the Manage Rates & Availability submenu.

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