You can use the Bulk Update submenu under the Rates & Availability menu to change rates, allotments, and close-outs for multiple dates in bulk.

Here are the steps to do a bulk update:

  1. Specify the start and end dates of the period you want to edit. You can also select specific days by checking the checkboxes for the desired days. For example, if you choose Saturday and Sunday, the changes will only apply to Saturdays and Sundays within the specified date range.
  2. Select the section you want to update by clicking the rate, allotments, or close-out tab.
  3. Choose the room type(s) you want to update from the drop-down menu, then click Apply.
  4. To change prices: Select the rate plan and enter the new price in the price column.
    To change allotment: Enter the new quantity in the allotment column.
    To change close-out: Select the new availability status.
  5. Click the Save Changes button to save the updates.