A static rate plan is a pricing strategy where you set a fixed price for your property for a specific period of time, regardless of changes in occupancy, holiday seasons, or market trends. Now, you can use a static rate plan for your property on tiket.com. By using a static rate plan, you only need to set a net price you want to receive once and have more time to improve your service and give the best experience for your guests.

Here are some benefits of using a static rate plan:

  1. Easier and more efficient property management
    Unlike the dynamic rate plan that constantly changes based on demand, a static rate plan can save you a lot of time and effort. You only need to update your allotment periodically, and Market Manager can help you set the best price for your property.
  2. Stable revenue
    By setting a net price for your property, you can easily predict your total revenue. Additionally, our Market Manager will help you set up promotions and child rate plans to increase your property’s visibility without reducing your net price.
  3. Extra visibility through cross-selling programs
    By adopting a static rate plan, your property will automatically be included in tiket.com’s cross-selling programs. These programs bundle your property with other tiket.com products, such as flight tickets and attractions. Joining cross-selling programs also will increase your visibility and maximize bookings.

A static rate plan is a good choice for property owners who want easy-to-manage room rates, stable revenue, and extra visibility through cross-selling programs. By using the static rate plan, you can save more time and effort, maximize your revenue, and get more bookings. 

Contact your Market Manager today to activate the static rate plan and boost your property’s performance on tiket.com!