In the pursuit of data-driven decisions and continuous improvement, understanding your property’s performance is crucial. Therefore, we have equipped our Extranet with Analytics features that could help you review your property’s performance through key metrics and benchmarking with similar properties.

  1. Business Key Metrics

Explore a comprehensive summary featuring six key metrics on the Performance Report:

  • Sales: total revenue generated by your property
  • Booking: total confirmed bookings at your property
  • Average Daily Rate: the average room rate per night
  • Room Night: number of rooms booked multiplied by the length of stay
  • Booking Window: number of days between the booking date and actual check-in date
  • Length of Stay: average duration guests stay at your property.

Use filters to customize the report period and compare performance with the previous period, last week, last month, or Competitive Set.

  1. Competitive Set

Compare your property’s performance with similar ones easily using the Competitive Set feature. This tool groups properties similar to yours, serving as a benchmark for performance assessment.

How to create a competitive set:

  1. Click on Analytics > Competitive Set
  2. Review the suggested properties on the left column. These properties are similar to yours based on location, property type, and star
  3. Add a property to your Competitive Set by click the + icon on the right side of the property name 
  4. You can also type the property name on the search bar to add your own choice
  5. Add 5-30 properties to your competitive set
  6. Click on the Save button to save changes

Tracking these metrics and using Competitive Set as a benchmark provide a holistic view of your property’s performance. You can use these data to optimize your revenue, create marketing strategies, adjust pricing and overall business strategy.