We understand your need to know the breakdown of your earnings when renting accommodations on tiket.com. Now, you can easily find the detailed information of your earnings through the Price Breakdown feature. This feature can be found in two Extranet’s main menus, Rates & Availability and Promo & Campaign.

How to find price breakdown on the Rates & Availability menu:

  1. Click on Rates & Availability > Manage Rates & Availability
  2. Select the month and room name you want to check at the top of the calendar
  3. Choose one or more dates according to your preference
  4. Your earnings will be displayed on the bottom left of the price and restrictions per rate plan. Click the Price Breakdown button for more information
  5. Detailed price breakdown will be displayed in a pop-up window

Note: Information about your earnings and the Price Breakdown button will only be available if the rate plan is greater than 0. If you update the price, click the refresh price button below the earnings to see the price breakdown with the new price.

You can also check the price breakdown when joining a campaign or creating a promo.

How to find the price breakdown on the Promo & Campaign menu:

  1. Click on Promo & Campaign > Add New
  2. Choose a campaign or promo type you want to create. We will create a promo as an example for this tutorial.
  3. Complete all promo details, including name, stay period, room type, and rate plan.
  4. Click the Review Promo button to see the price breakdown.
  5. Detailed price breakdown will be displayed in a pop-up window. Select the stay period, number of guests and rooms, room type, and other filters to calculate price and income details.
  6. Click the Create Promo button to save the promo.

The price breakdowns are displayed based on the base room price per night. If you choose more than one date, you can view the price breakdown per night by clicking the right and left arrow buttons.

The daily net earning is calculated from the gross room price plus surcharge, minus promotional discounts and tiket.com commission. You can find the total fees paid by guests and your total earnings at the bottom of the price breakdown.