Great photos can influence guests’ decisions and provide accurate information about the property. We recommend that you upload at least 15 photos which include all room types, facilities, and relevant details for guests.

Here are the details of the photos that need to be uploaded:

  1. Room photos
    You need to upload a minimum of 4 photos for each room type – 3 room photos from various angles and 1 bathroom photo. You can also show the room amenities such as AC, TV, balcony, etc.
  1. Bathroom photos
    You can also display the bathroom amenities such as toiletries, hairdryer, etc.
  1. Exterior photos
    Exterior photos show the building’s appearance from the outside. Exterior photos can help guests find your property easily.
  1. Facilities photos
    You can also display photos of the facilities available at your property to attract guests, such as restaurants, swimming pools, elevators, lobby, etc.

You can upload property photos in the Photo Gallery submenu under the Property menu. You can also upload photos for each room type in the same menu.