After activating the Chat feature on the Extranet, it is important for you to consistently improve your property’s performance. To assist you in understanding your current Chat performance, we have launched a Chat banner to provide insights related to your property’s performance in responding to guest messages. You can find this Chat banner under Today’s Check-ins and Bookings on the Homepage or at the top of the Chat page on the Extranet.

We use two indicators to assess your property’s Chat performance: property response rate and response time. The response rate indicates the percentage of guest chats responded to within a 24-hour period out of the total chats your property receives. Meanwhile, response time refers to the average time it takes for you to reply to each guest’s chat. The Chat performance metrics are calculated based on the last 30 days of data and are updated every Tuesday.

Here are some tips to improve your property’s Chat performance:

  1. Respond to all incoming guest chats.
    The more guest chats you respond to, the higher the property response rate, the better your chat performance. To achieve a good response rate, make sure that the property response rate reaches a minimum of 65%.
  2. Respond to guest chats as quickly as possible
    The faster you respond to guest chats, the shorter the property response time, the better your chat performance. To achieve a good response rate, make sure the property response time stays below 12 hours.
  3. Always conclude the chat by sending a closing message. It’s important to note that the property response rate is calculated based on the last response from the property.

Aside from enhancing your property’s Chat performance, you can use the tips to provide a positive experience to your guests even before they check-in to your property.

Don’t worry if you receive guest chats outside of working hours, as we calculate the response rate and time based on the working hours from 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM at the local time of the property. You can also find more detailed information about the assessment of your property’s Chat performance by hovering your cursor over the “i” icon below your current response rate and time.