To receive payment from, choose one of two payment methods available at

The payment method with a virtual credit card (VCC) is available for properties inside and outside Indonesia. You will receive a new VCC detail once a guest books your property. You can find the VCC details under the Card Number column on the Bookings menu for each itinerary ID.

To receive payment through VCC, input the VCC number you want to charge on the EDC or other Point of Sale (POS) machines. The VCC is valid up to D+60 after the guest’s check-in date.

Aside from VCC, you can also choose the payment method with a bank transfer. However, this payment method is available for domestic properties only. With the bank transfer payment method, you will receive payment on the guest’s check-out date on the registered bank account on the Extranet. You can check the paid payment details on the Finance > Payment List menu. 

You can select a payment method available on on the Payment Details menu on the Extranet. For security reasons, contact your Market Manager if you would like to change your property’s payment method.