This tutorial was created based on the Payment List menu on the website’s desktop version.

To receive payment through a bank transfer, you need to select the bank transfer as your preferred payment method on the Finance > Payment List menu. You also need to complete the bank account details that will receive the payment on the same menu. 

The bank transfer payment method is available for both domestic properties and properties outside of Indonesia. Payment will be processed automatically according to the schedule without requiring billing or invoices from your side. For domestic properties, payments will be processed on the guest check-out date. Meanwhile, payments for properties outside of Indonesia will be processed on a weekly basis. Every week, the Finance team will recap and process all transactions from the previous week. Please note that the payment processing time may vary depending on your bank’s policies.

Here’s how to check bookings that have been paid via bank transfer:

  1. Click the Finance menu and Payment List submenu
  2. You can see all the paid bookings on the Payment List submenu
  3. Scroll left to find the detailed payment information, such as the total price, payment method, and payment date