To receive payment through a virtual credit card, you need to select the virtual credit card as your preferred payment method on the Finance > Payment Details menu. You can also choose the payment plan to determine the VCC charging period starting date through the same menu. VCC is valid up to D+60 days after the guest check-in date.

You can charge the VCC incrementally with a maximum amount up to the number of rooms multiplied by the number of nights for one itinerary ID. For example, if a guest books two rooms for two nights at your property, you can charge incrementally up to 4 times for that booking.

How to charge a VCC:

  1. Click the Bookings menu and Search the Bookings submenu 
  2. Find the itinerary ID you wish to charge on the bookings list and scroll left until you find the Card Number column
  3. Click the VCC Details and input your PIN code
  4. You will find the complete VCC Details, such as the name on the card, card number, expiry date, CVC or CVV number, and the swipe period
  5. Input the card number in the EDC or other Point of Sale (POS) machines before the expiry date to charge the VCC

If you need a payment plan option on the booking date for non-refundable bookings, you can contact your Market Manager for further assistance.