There are three possible reasons why you don’t receive emails about new bookings at your property. 

  1. The email isn’t registered as Administrator or Reservation.
    Only users with Administrator or Reservation roles will receive information about bookings through email.
    If your property has users with Reservation roles, they will receive the new booking information. If not, the information will be sent to the users with Administrator roles instead. You can check and edit the user role registered with the email address on the Manage Users menu.
  1. There is a typo in the email address.
    You can check the registered email address on the Manage Users menu.
    For security reasons, you cannot edit the already registered email address. If there is a typo in the email address, you can create a new account with the correct email.
  1. Your email address might be blacklisted. 
    You can check your email address blacklist status on the Manage Users menu.
    If you find a notification stating there was an issue when sending information to your email, it means your email address is blacklisted. You can submit an email check request to use your email address to receive information from