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Property Details

Property Details

General Information

Learn how to create check-in guides and complete the necessary property general information and details.

  • How do I edit the property general info?

    Updated on 9th October 2023

    You can edit the property general information, including property name, address, star rating, chain, and brand through the Property General Info submenu on the Property menu. 

    You can display your property pinpoint on Google Maps on your property display page by typing the property name on the available field on the same menu. Make sure you have set the property pinpoint on Google Maps correctly.

  • What property information do I need to complete?

    Updated on 9th October 2023

    Here is the property information that you need to complete before renting your property at

    1. Property details
      Write your property descriptions, set the check-in and check-out time and the policies that apply to your property. 
    1. Room data/unit/listing
      Complete all the room data/unit/listing, including room name, type, descriptions, photos, etc. 
    1. Property general information
      Fill in the property name and address, and set the pinpoint on Google Maps. You also need to complete the contact details of the property’s PICs. 
    1. Photo Gallery
      Upload high-quality property photos to attract guests’ attention. 
    1. Facilities and services list
      Complete the facilities and services available at your property by choosing from the facilities and services list.

    You can find and complete all this information on the Property menu and choose the submenu you wish to edit.

  • How do I create the check-in guide for my guests?

    Updated on 12th October 2023

    Provide the best experience for your guests even before they check in through a comprehensive and clear Check-in Guide. You can also save time as it contains the answers to frequently asked questions.

    You can complete the Check-in Guide in the Check-in Guide tab on the Property Details menu. Switch the toggle on to send the Check-in Guide to your guests.

    Here are some information you can share on the Check-in Guide:

    – Check-in instructions, such as contact details of the receptionist or property manager, check-in time, access codes, etc.
    – Important information that guests need to know, such as required deposit fees, property rules, etc. 

    – Directions to the property and nearby places around the property.

    The information in the Check-in Guide will not be displayed on your property page. However, it will be sent to guests who book your property through a separate email from the e-voucher.

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