In order to achieve the vision of becoming the most loved OTA in Southeast Asia, our success is undoubtedly intertwined with our partners’ success. Therefore, we always strive to enhance’s systems and services to support our accommodation partners in selling and promoting their properties on

Here are some tips to boost the sales of your property:

  1. Ensure your property’s display is appealing

Property photos are the first thing prospective guests see when choosing accommodation for their holidays. Therefore, make sure that the photos displayed on your property page are of high-quality, clear, and showcase the facilities and services that guests can enjoy at your property. Find more information on how to take attractive property photos and what photos you should upload here.

In addition to photos, accurate property information is also crucial to manage guest expectations. So, don’t forget to complete the list of facilities and services available at your property on the Extranet. We also have a content score feature to assess your property’s content. Complete all the information in the content score list and aim for a 100% content score to make your property more attractive to potential guests.

  1. Manage availability and offer competitive prices.

Based on our data, users search for accommodation up to 6 months in advance on average. Therefore, we strongly suggest you set your property’s availability at least 6 months in advance so that guests can find your property on the search result page when looking for accommodation.

Additionally, we would like to remind you to set the same price with the price you offer on other OTAs. This helps prevent any pricing disparity issues and ensures competitive prices for users. Learn how to set rates and availability for your property here.

  1. Leverage promotions or campaigns as promotional tools.

You can also participate in’s ongoing campaigns or create your own promos to offer attractive prices to users.

Aside from using promotional features and campaigns, you can also promote your property by joining various programs, such as Exclusive Private Deals, Preferred Partner, and Blibli Tiket Rewards. By joining programs and campaigns, you will gain visibility benefits across various marketing channels to maximize the sales potential of your property on

  1. Provide the best experience for guests

After successfully attracting potential guests through appealing property display, the next step is to provide the best experience for guests during their stay at your property. Make sure that the facilities and services advertised are available and meet guest expectations.

Providing guests with a pleasant experience can enhance your property’s reputation  and future bookings, as many users use previous guest reviews as a consideration before booking accommodations.

These are some tips you can follow to boost your property’s sales on By displaying appealing property photos, providing accurate information, offering competitive prices, leveraging various promotions and campaigns, and providing the best experience for the guests, you can enhance the appeal and visibility of your property on our platform. Thank you for being a part of, and let’s work together to achieve the goal of becoming the most loved OTA in Southeast Asia.